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From Middle High German busch, bosch, from Old High German busk, from Proto-Germanic *buskaz. Compare Dutch bos, English bush, Danish busk.



Busch m (genitive Busches or Buschs, plural Büsche)

  1. bushes, brush, scrub (densely vegetated area with mainly smaller plants and some trees)
    Wir müssen uns hier nicht durch den Busch kämpfen: da hinten ist ein Weg.
    We don't have to battle our way through these bushes: there's a path over there.
  2. bush, shrub (individual plant)
    Du musst mal den großen Busch im Vorgarten beschneiden.
    You need to cut back that big shrub in the front yard.
  3. (informal, pejorative) no man's land; a remote, rural area
    Wir sitzen hier irgendwo im Busch und haben keine Ahnung, wo wir lang müssen.
    So we're lost somewhere in no man's land and have no clue which way we should go.



Derived terms[edit]

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Proper noun[edit]

Busch ? (genitive Buschs)

  1. A common surname​.

Pennsylvania German[edit]


Compare German Busch, Dutch bos, English bush.


Busch m (plural Bisch)

  1. woods, forest
  2. country

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