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From Middle English Gothes, Gotes (both plural). In turn partly from Old English Gotan, singular Gota, and partly from Late Latin Gothi. Ultimately from Proto-Germanic *gutô, perhaps from *geutaną (to pour). Compare Old Norse Goti (Gotlander, Goth), and related also to Gutnish, Gotland.



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Goth (plural Goths)

  1. A member of the East Germanic people known for their invasion of the western Roman Empire and subsequent founding of successor states in Italy and Spain during Late Antiquity.
  2. (figuratively) Uncivilized person, barbarian, vandal.
  3. Alternative form of goth (member of gothic subculture).

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Goth (comparative more Goth, superlative most Goth)

  1. Alternative form of goth
    • 2003, Mercedes Lackey, Rosemary Edghill, James P. Baen, Mad Maudlin
      Kayla's look tended to change with the seasons; at the moment it was less Goth than paramilitary, with laced jump boots.