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From saint.


  • IPA(key): /seɪnt/
    • compound names in RP : IPA(key): /sənt/ (unstressed)
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -eɪnt


Saint (plural Saints)

  1. A title given to a saint, often prefixed to the person's name.
    Saint Stephen was the first martyr.
  2. (Mormonism) A Latter-day Saint, a Mormon.
    the Kirtland Saints
  3. (sports) Someone connected with any of the sports teams known as the Saints, such as a player or coach, or sometimes a fan.
    • 2008, Monica M. Dalide, 683 Things About New Orleans, Outskirts Press, page 88:
      In 1971, during Archie Manning's first game as a New Orleans Saint and the season opener against the Los Angeles Rams, []
    • 2008, David Rife, Jazz Fiction: A History and Comprehensive Reader's Guide, Scarecrow Press, →ISBN, page 86:
      Former New Orleans Saint and current blues historian at Tulane University, Nick Travers becomes involved in a case related to the mysterious death []
    • 2015, Craig T. Smith, 100 Things Tennessee Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die, Triumph Books, →ISBN:
      Their prayers were answered when future New Orleans Saint and Super Bowl champion Jabari Greer intercepted Croyle's pass. In the fourth overtime, ...
  4. (UK, rail transport) Saint class, a class of steam locomotives used on the GWR.


Derived terms[edit]

See also the lists of derived terms at saint and St


Proper noun[edit]

Saint (plural Saints)

 Saint (name) on Wikipedia
  1. A surname.

Proper noun[edit]

the Saint

  1. A nickname, given to someone of very good character.
  2. A nickname, given to someone of extreme religiosity.