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W {letter} :: letter: kaksoisvee
wagnerinhyppymyyrä {n} :: Wagner's gerbil, Wagner's dipodil, Gerbillus dasyurus (rodent species native to Middle East)
waldacunda {n} :: obsolete spelling of valtakunta
waldorfinsalaatti {n} :: Waldorf salad (type of salad, consisting of apple, walnuts, celery, and mayonnaise or a mayonnaise-based dressing)
waldroninruostegueretsa {n} :: Miss Waldron's red colobus, Procolobus badius waldroni (subspecies of western red colobus, possibly extinct)
wales {n} :: Welsh (language)
Wales {prop} :: Wales
walesilainen {n} :: A person originating from Wales, a Welsh. Compare kymri, kymriläinen
walesilainen {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Wales, its people and culture
walesilaisnainen {adj} :: Welshwoman
walesincorgi {n} :: Welsh corgi (breed of dog)
walesin kieli {n} :: Welsh (language)
walesinkielinen {adj} :: Welsh-language (expressed in Welsh language)
walesinkielinen {adj} :: Welsh-speaking (using Welsh in everyday communication)
walesinpaimenkoira {n} :: corgi (breed of dog)
walesinspringerspanieli {n} :: Welsh springer spaniel (breed of dog)
walesinterrieri {n} :: Welsh terrier (breed of dog)
Waltteri {prop} :: given name, a fanciful spelling variant of Valtteri
wankelmoottori {n} :: Wankel engine (type of rotary internal combustion engine)
warettaa {vt} [slang, internet slang] :: to warez (copy illegally)
Waris {prop} :: surname
Warkaus {prop} [historical] :: Former name (until 1929) of the town Varkaus
warrantti {n} [finance] :: warrant
wasabi {n} :: wasabi (condiment)
wasabi {n} :: wasabi (plant)
waterhousinlepakko {n} :: Waterhouse's leaf-nosed bat, Macrotus waterhousii
watti {n} [physics, electronics] :: watt
wattimittari {n} :: wattmeter
WC {n} :: WC (water closet)
wc-allas {n} :: toilet bowl
WC-allas {n} :: alternative case form of wc-allas
wc-harja {n} :: alternative case form of WC-harja
WC-harja {n} :: toilet brush (brush to clean toilet bowl)
wc-istuin {n} :: toilet seat
WC-istuin {n} :: alternative case form of wc-istuin
wc-paperi {n} :: toilet paper, bathroom tissue
WC-paperi {n} :: alternative case form of wc-paperi
webbi {n} [colloquial] :: web (World Wide Web)
webbikamera {n} :: webcam
weber {n} :: weber (unit)
webinaari {n} :: webinar
webkamera {n} :: webcam
webmaster {n} :: webmaster
web-osoite {n} [Internet] :: web address
web-sivu {n} :: synonym of verkkosivu
weddellinhylje {n} :: Weddell seal (Leptonychotes weddellii)
Weddellinmeri {prop} :: The Weddell Sea
Weilin tauti {n} [pathology] :: leptospirosis, Weil's disease
weimarinseisoja {n} :: Weimaraner
Weimarin tasavalta {prop} :: Weimar Republic (Germany between 1919 and 1933)
wellerismi {n} :: Wellerism (type of proverb)
wessi {n} :: A person from the former West Germany
Westerlund {prop} :: surname of Swedish origin
weynsinsukeltaja-antilooppi {n} :: Weyns's duiker, Cephalophus weynsi (tiny - av. 15 kg - antelope found in parts of East Africa)
whataboutismi {n} :: whataboutism (propaganda technique)
wicca {n} :: Wicca (neo-pagan religion)
wicca {n} :: Wiccan (follower of this religion)
wiccalaisuus {n} :: Wiccanism
wicca-liike {n} :: Wiccan movement
Wien {prop} :: Vienna
wienerleipä {n} :: danish, Danish pastry
wienervalssi {n} :: Viennese waltz
wieniläinen {adj} :: Viennese
wieniläinen {n} :: Viennese
wieniläisklassismi {n} [music] :: Viennese classicism (style of music developed in Vienna at the end of the Classical period in late 18th and early 19th century, represented by e.g. Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn)
wieniläistuoli {n} :: Viennese chair (type of slender chair designed in the style associated with Viennese cafés)
wieniläisvalssi {n} :: Viennese waltz (ballroom dance based on the waltz where the couple is constantly performing turns and pirouettes)
wieninleike {n} :: Wiener schnitzel
wieninvalssi {n} :: Viennese waltz
Wightsaari {prop} :: Isle of Wight
Wikisanakirja {prop} :: Wiktionary
Wilhelmiina {prop} :: given name, a fanciful spelling variant of Vilhelmiina
Wilsonin tauti {n} [pathology] :: Wilson's disease
wimp {n} [astronomy, physics] :: weakly interacting massive particle, WIMP
wintoninkultakontiainen {n} :: De Winton's golden mole, Cryptochloris wintoni
wintoninkultamyyrä {n} :: Winton's golden mole, Cryptochloris wintoni (species of mole in the family Chrysochloridae, the family of golden moles)
win-win {adj} :: win-win
win-win-tilanne {n} :: win-win situation (situation where both parties gain from a transaction or deal, or where all possible outcomes are favourable)
Wirtanen {prop} :: surname
wiski {n} :: The letter "W" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
wixarika {n} :: Huichol (member of ethnic group)
wixarika {n} :: Huichol (language)
wokata {v} :: to wok, stir-fry
wokattu {adj} :: stir-fried
wokkaus {n} :: woking (preparation of food on wok)
wokki {n} :: A wok
wokki {n} :: A stir-fry
wokkipannu {n} :: A wok (large, oriental, round-bottomed cooking pan)
wokkiruoka {n} :: woked food
wokkiruoka {n} :: woked dish
wokpannu {n} :: alternative form of wokkipannu
wolfinmarakatti {n} :: Wolf's mona monkey, Wolf's guenon, Cercopithecus wolfi (species of monkey found in central Africa)
wollastoniitti {n} [mineral] :: wollastonite
workshoppi {n} :: workshop (brief intensive course of education or brainstorming session for a small group; emphasizes interaction and practical problem solving)
wrap {n} :: wrap (food)
wrappi {n} :: wrap (food)
WSOY {initialism} :: Werner Söderström Osakeyhtiö (publishing house)
wu-kiina {n} :: Wu, Wu Chinese (variety of Chinese spoken in Shanghai and the adjacent provinces)
Wuori {prop} :: surname
wurtziitti {n} [mineralogy] :: wurtzite
www-selain {n} :: synonym of verkkoselain
WWW-selain {n} :: synonym of verkkoselain
www-sivu {n} :: synonym of verkkosivu
WWW-sivu {n} :: synonym of verkkosivu
Wyoming {prop} :: Wyoming (one of the states of USA)