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From Proto-Vietic *hanʔ, from Proto-Mon-Khmer *(ʔ)anʔ ~ *ʔən; cognate with Car Nicobarese an (he, she, it), Pacoh ân (relative pronoun, that, which). The /h/ appeared in the proto-Vietic stage, which is also seen in hết (to finish).



hắn (, , 𪝳)

  1. (archaic) he/him; she/her
  2. (derogatory) he/him, that son of a gun
  3. (informal, affectionate) he/him, my boyfriend
  4. (informal, affectionate) he/him, your boyfriend
  5. (chiefly Central Vietnam, familiar or informal) Synonym of (he/him; she/her)
    Đi kêu hắn về cho tau!
    Go get him back here!
    Tụi hắn cứ đánh chắc hoài!
    Those idiots keep fighting again and again!

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