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Alternative forms[edit]


head +‎ space


headspace (countable and uncountable, plural headspaces)

  1. The space between the top of the contents of a container (such as a jar) and its seal (such as a lid).
  2. (informal) One's mental state.
    • 1996, Andrew Cowan, Common Ground
      It's like, I need to clear my headspace but I can't do that with him around because he's just ego, you know? He dumps on me. So that's it.
  3. (informal) Unscheduled time for reflection and thinking.
    • 2011, Eric J. Gregory, Would You Like Profits, →ISBN:
      As a business owner, a truly effective business owner that is building a profitable business machine, you need headspace, thinking time, planning time, brainstorming time, education time, decision making time, questioning time and more thinking time.
  4. (firearms) The gap between the face of the bolt and the stopping surface for the cartridge.
  5. (chemistry) The gas phase in contact and in equilibrium with a nonvolatile sample.