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  • IPA(key): /ˈhoːxˌneːmən/, [ˈhoːχˌneː.mən], [-.mn̩], [-.mm̩]


hochnehmen (class 4 strong, third-person singular simple present nimmt hoch, past tense nahm hoch, past participle hochgenommen, past subjunctive nähme hoch, auxiliary haben)

  1. to take upstairs; to take to an elevated place
    Nimm Sarah doch mal hoch und zeig ihr dein Zimmer.
    Why don’t you take Sarah upstairs and show her your room?
  2. to lift (something) up, especially momentarily, in order to see what is under it or put something beneath it
    Nimm den Blumentopf mal eben hoch, damit ich da putzen kann.
    Please lift up the flowerpot for a second, so I can clean the spot.
  3. to lift up (a child) in order to carry it
    Willst du noch laufen oder soll ich dich hochnehmen?
    Do you still want to walk or should I lift you up and carry you?
  4. (idiomatic) to tease; to wind up; to have on; to tell somebody something untrue in order to provoke an amusing reaction
    Ach, ihr nehmt mich doch hoch, oder?
    Man, you guys are winding me up, aren’t you?
  5. (idiomatic, law enforcement) to crack down on; to round up; to arrest, especially after a period of observation
    Die Sache wird mir zu heikel, Männer. Morgen nehmen wir sie hoch.
    This is getting precarious, guys. We’re rounding them up tomorrow.



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