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  1. gären
  2. anstechen
  3. zurückschrecken
  4. rumkommen
  5. emporkommen
  6. erbrechen
  7. niederbrechen
  8. übereinkommen
  9. zusammentreffen
  10. zerstechen
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  1. wägen
  2. nehmen
  3. sprechen
  4. kommen
  5. widersprechen
  6. scheren
  7. bekommen
  8. stehlen
  9. verbrechen
  10. bewegen

Verbs where the ablaut vowel was followed by a sonorant (m, n, l, r) but no other consonant in Proto-Indo-European.

In modern German, these verbs have become identical with those of class 3b.

The vowel pattern is:

Form Regular gebären kommen sinnen
Present tense -e- -ä- -o- -i-
Present 2nd and 3rd sg -i- -ie- -o- -i-
Past tense -a- -a- -a- -a-
Past participle -o- -o- -o- -o-

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