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(index ku)


kumpi +‎ -kin


kumpikin sg

  1. (indefinite) both
    Kumpikin on punainen.
    Both are red.
    Kummatkin ovat punaisia.
    Both are red.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Note: as seen in the example clause above, kumpikin is singular, so, for the congruence, the following noun and verb must be conjugated in singular. When used attributively, plural is mostly used with pluralia tantum words, but also when speaking of two groups of similar objects.


  • The instructive plural is mainly used as an adverb.
Inflection of kumpikin (Kotus type 16/vanhempi, mp-mm gradation)
nominative kumpikin kummatkin
genitive kummankin kumpienkin
partitive kumpaakin kumpiakin
illative kumpaankin kumpiinkin
singular plural
nominative kumpikin kummatkin
accusative nom. kumpikin kummatkin
gen. kummankin
genitive kummankin kumpienkin
partitive kumpaakin kumpiakin
inessive kummassakin kummissakin
elative kummastakin kummistakin
illative kumpaankin kumpiinkin
adessive kummallakin kummillakin
ablative kummaltakin kummiltakin
allative kummallekin kummillekin
essive kumpanakin kumpinakin
translative kummaksikin kummiksikin
instructive kumminkin
abessive kummattakin kummittakin
comitative kumpinekin



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