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From Proto-Finnic *neljä, From Proto-Finno-Ugric *neljä. Cognates include Estonian neli, Northern Sami njeallje, and Hungarian négy.


Finnish cardinal numbers
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    Cardinal : neljä
    Ordinal : neljäs
    Adverbial : neljästi
    Multiplier : nelinkertainen
Finnish Wikipedia article on neljä


  1. four

Usage notes[edit]

  • See Appendix:Finnish numbers.
  • The instructive plural nelin is more common than neljin and it is used e.g. in the phrase nelin kontin, "on all fours" and in the structure nelin verroin + comparative of an adjective, e.g. nelin verroin parempi, "four times as good".


Declension goes according to type koira (number 10), except of the two forms, which drop the j for better pronunciation (*): first instructive plural form nelin (the koira-type second form is neljin, which is lesser used) and temporal distributive form nelisin (koira-type form would have been neljisin).

Derived terms[edit]