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Alternative forms[edit]


From nūntius



nūntiō (present infinitive nūntiāre, perfect active nūntiāvī, supine nūntiātum); first conjugation

  1. I announce, declare.
  2. I report.
  3. I relate, narrate.
  4. I direct, command.


   Conjugation of nuntio (first conjugation)
indicative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present nūntiō nūntiās nūntiat nūntiāmus nūntiātis nūntiant
imperfect nūntiābam nūntiābās nūntiābat nūntiābāmus nūntiābātis nūntiābant
future nūntiābō nūntiābis nūntiābit nūntiābimus nūntiābitis nūntiābunt
perfect nūntiāvī nūntiāvistī nūntiāvit nūntiāvimus nūntiāvistis nūntiāvērunt, nūntiāvēre
pluperfect nūntiāveram nūntiāverās nūntiāverat nūntiāverāmus nūntiāverātis nūntiāverant
future perfect nūntiāverō nūntiāveris nūntiāverit nūntiāverimus nūntiāveritis nūntiāverint
passive present nūntior nūntiāris, nūntiāre nūntiātur nūntiāmur nūntiāminī nūntiantur
imperfect nūntiābar nūntiābāris, nūntiābāre nūntiābātur nūntiābāmur nūntiābāminī nūntiābantur
future nūntiābor nūntiāberis, nūntiābere nūntiābitur nūntiābimur nūntiābiminī nūntiābuntur
perfect nūntiātus + present active indicative of sum
pluperfect nūntiātus + imperfect active indicative of sum
future perfect nūntiātus + future active indicative of sum
subjunctive singular plural
first second third first second third
active present nūntiem nūntiēs nūntiet nūntiēmus nūntiētis nūntient
imperfect nūntiārem nūntiārēs nūntiāret nūntiārēmus nūntiārētis nūntiārent
perfect nūntiāverim nūntiāverīs nūntiāverit nūntiāverīmus nūntiāverītis nūntiāverint
pluperfect nūntiāvissem nūntiāvissēs nūntiāvisset nūntiāvissēmus nūntiāvissētis nūntiāvissent
passive present nūntier nūntiēris, nūntiēre nūntiētur nūntiēmur nūntiēminī nūntientur
imperfect nūntiārer nūntiārēris, nūntiārēre nūntiārētur nūntiārēmur nūntiārēminī nūntiārentur
perfect nūntiātus + present active subjunctive of sum
pluperfect nūntiātus + imperfect active subjunctive of sum
imperative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present nūntiā nūntiāte
future nūntiātō nūntiātō nūntiātōte nūntiantō
passive present nūntiāre nūntiāminī
future nūntiātor nūntiātor nūntiantor
non-finite forms active passive
present perfect future present perfect future
infinitives nūntiāre nūntiāvisse nūntiātūrus esse nūntiārī nūntiātus esse nūntiātum īrī
participles nūntiāns nūntiātūrus nūntiātus nūntiandus
verbal nouns gerund supine
nominative genitive dative/ablative accusative accusative ablative
nūntiāre nūntiandī nūntiandō nūntiandum nūntiātum nūntiātū


Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


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    • on receiving the news: nuntio allato or accepto
    • to greet a person: salutem alicui dicere, impertire, nuntiare
    • (ambiguous) news reached Rome: Romam nuntiatum est, allatum est
    • (ambiguous) remember me to your brother: nuntia fratri tuo salutem verbis meis (Fam. 7. 14)