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  • IPA(key): /ˈpakən/, [ˈpakən], [ˈpakŋ̩]
  • (file)


packen (third-person singular simple present packt, past tense packte, past participle gepackt, auxiliary haben)

  1. (transitive or intransitive) to pack (luggage, a bundle, etc.); to get packed
    Du musst deine Sachen packen. — “You need to pack your stuff.”
    Du musst packen. — “You need to get packed.”
  2. (transitive) to grab, to grip, to take
    Er packte mich am Arm. — “He grabbed me by the arm.”
  3. (informal, transitive) to manage, to stand, to cope
    Ich pack das alles nich’... — “I can’t manage all of this...”
  4. (slang, transitive) to take (a bus, train, etc.)
    Lass den Bus packen! — “Let’s take the bus!”
  5. (regional or dated, reflexive) to beat it
    Pack dich! — “Beat it!


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