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From Middle High German swermen (to swarm), from Old High German swermen (to swarm), derived from swarm (swarm of bees), whence modern German Schwarm (swarm; flock of birds). The figurative senses developed in early modern German from a sense “to deviate from the established dogma or school of thought”.


  • IPA(key): /ˈʃvɛʁmən/, [ˈʃʋɛɐ̯mn̩]
  • (file)


schwärmen (third-person singular simple present schwärmt, past tense schwärmte, past participle geschwärmt, auxiliary haben)

  1. (of birds and insects) to swarm; to fly in swarms or flocks
    Die Bienen schwärmen.
    The bees swarm.
  2. to romanticize; be given to romantic or mystic thoughts
    Er saß am Ufer und schwärmte vor sich hin.
    He was sitting at the shore, romanticizing by himself.
  3. (with für) to adore; fancy (to be romantically attracted by someone, often without making advances)
    Er schwärmte heimlich für sie.
    He secretly adored her.
  4. (with von) to gush; to rave about; to be enthusiastic about
    Er schwärmte lautstark von ihr.
    He was raving loudly about her.
  5. (informal, with von) to praise highly; extol
    Viele Menschen schwärmen vom Gesundheits- und Sozialwesen in Deutschland.
    Many people extol the health and social services in Germany.


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