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Etymology 1[edit]

1892, variant of tramp.[1]


tromp (third-person singular simple present tromps, present participle tromping, simple past and past participle tromped)

  1. (chiefly US, transitive, intransitive) To tread heavily, especially to crush underfoot.
    Mother yelled at my brothers for tromping through her flowerbed.
    The hoodlums were tromping pumpkins they had stolen from their neighbors' Halloween displays.
    • 1988, David Quammen, The Flight of the Iguana
      He lifted one foot and set it down again, whammo, but Ed was so engrossed in Pynchon's novel that all he recalls is tromping the scorpion to death with his stung foot, then quickly fetching a bucket of ice water, jamming the foot into it, and continuing to read.
  2. (informal) To utterly defeat an opponent.
    The team had been tromped by their cross-town rivals, and the players were embarrassed to show their faces in school the next day.

Etymology 2[edit]

French trombe, trompe, a waterspout, a water-blowing machine. Compare trump, a trumpet.

Alternative forms[edit]


tromp (plural tromps)

  1. A blowing apparatus in which air, drawn into the upper part of a vertical tube through side holes by a stream of water within, is carried down with the water into a box or chamber below which it is led to a furnace.


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tromp n (genitive singular tromps, nominative plural tromp)

  1. (card games) trump