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From Arabic المفتي (al-múftī ) (definite form).


mufti (countable and uncountable, plural muftis)

  1. (countable, Islam) A Sunni Muslim scholar and interpreter of shari’a law, who can deliver a fatwa
    • 2012 April 19, Josh Halliday, “Free speech haven or lawless cesspool – can the internet be civilised?”, the Guardian:
      Mujtahidd's online claims have prompted an aggressive backlash against social media from the Saudi religious establishment. The grand mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul-Aziz al-Sheikh, said in January that Twitter was a platform for "promoting lies" and a "dangerous practice" that should be avoided by Muslims. Commentators have described the phenomenon as symbolic of the growing political debate about use of Twitter in Saudi Arabia.
  2. (uncountable, UK, New Zealand) Civilian dress when worn by a member of the military, or casual dress when worn by a pupil of a school who normally would wear uniform
    • 1919, Ronald Firbank, Valmouth, Duckworth, hardback edition, page 91
      He had a suit of summer mufti, and a broad-brimmed blue beaver hat looped with leaves broken from the hedgerows in the lanes, and a Leander scarf tucked full of flowers: loosestrife, meadowrue, orchis, ragged-robin.
    • 2002. Wilma, Dave. "First nuclear submarine U.S.S. Nautilus visits Seattle and crew secretly buys Bar's Leak on June 3, 1958." Essay 3739, 3 April 2002.
      The sailors in mufti returned with 140 quarts of Bar's Leak, half of which was poured into the condenser.





From Ottoman Turkish مفتی (müftî ), from Arabic مفتي (múftī ).


  • IPA(key): /ˈmufti/
  • Hyphenation: muf‧ti


mufti (plural muftik)

  1. mufti


Derived terms[edit]