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From Sanskrit मेष.


मेष ‎(meṣm ‎(Urdu spelling میش)

  1. ram
  2. sheep



From Proto-Indo-European *móysos ‎(sheep, skin of sheep). Cognates include Persian میش ‎(meš), Old Irish meiss and Old Prussian moasis.


मेष ‎(meṣám

  1. ram, sheep (in the older language applied also to a fleece or anything woollen)
    • RV 1.52.1a
      तयं सु मेषं महया सवर्विदं शतं यस्य सुभ्वः साकमीरते |
      अत्यं न वाजं हवनस्यदं रथमेन्द्रं वव्र्त्यामवसे सुव्र्क्तिभिः ||
      tyaṃ su meṣaṃ mahayā svarvidaṃ śataṃ yasya subhvaḥ sākamīrate |
      atyaṃ na vājaṃ havanasyadaṃ rathamendraṃ vavṛtyāmavase suvṛktibhiḥ ||
      I GLORIFY that Ram who finds the light of heaven, whose hundred nobly-natured ones go forth with him.
      With hymns may I turn hither Indra to mine aid,—the Car which like a strong steed hasteth to the call.
  2. the sign of the zodiac Aries or the first arc of 30 degrees in a circle
  3. (botany) a species of plant
  4. name of a particular demon



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