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From Sanskrit मेष (meṣa).



मेष (meṣm (Urdu spelling میش)

  1. ram
    Synonym: भेड़ (bheṛ)
  2. sheep


Declension of मेष
Singular Plural
Direct मेष (meṣ) मेष (meṣ)
Oblique मेष (meṣ) मेषों (meṣõ)
Vocative मेष (meṣ) मेषो (meṣo)



From Proto-Indo-Aryan *mayṣás, from Proto-Indo-Iranian *mayšás, from Proto-Indo-European *moysós (sheep, skin of sheep). Cognates include Persian میش (meš), Old Irish meiss, Avestan 𐬨𐬀𐬉𐬱𐬀 (maēša), Old Prussian moasis.


  • (Vedic) IPA(key): /mɐj.ʂɐ́/
  • (Classical) IPA(key): /ˈmeː.ʂɐ/
  • Noun[edit]

    मेष (meṣám

    1. ram, sheep (in the older language applied also to a fleece or anything woollen)
      • RV 1.52.1a
        तयं सु मेषं महया सवर्विदं शतं यस्य सुभ्वः साकमीरते |
        अत्यं न वाजं हवनस्यदं रथमेन्द्रं वव्र्त्यामवसे सुव्र्क्तिभिः ||
        tyaṃ su meṣaṃ mahayā svarvidaṃ śataṃ yasya subhvaḥ sākamīrate |
        atyaṃ na vājaṃ havanasyadaṃ rathamendraṃ vavṛtyāmavase suvṛktibhiḥ ||
        I GLORIFY that Ram who finds the light of heaven, whose hundred nobly-natured ones go forth with him.
        With hymns may I turn hither Indra to mine aid,—the Car which like a strong steed hasteth to the call.
    2. the sign of the zodiac Aries or the first arc of 30 degrees in a circle
    3. (botany) a species of plant
    4. name of a particular demon


    Masculine a-stem declension of मेष
    Nom. sg. मेषः (meṣaḥ)
    Gen. sg. मेषस्य (meṣasya)
    Singular Dual Plural
    Nominative मेषः (meṣaḥ) मेषौ (meṣau) मेषाः (meṣāḥ)
    Vocative मेष (meṣa) मेषौ (meṣau) मेषाः (meṣāḥ)
    Accusative मेषम् (meṣam) मेषौ (meṣau) मेषान् (meṣān)
    Instrumental मेषेण (meṣeṇa) मेषाभ्याम् (meṣābhyām) मेषैः (meṣaiḥ)
    Dative मेषाय (meṣāya) मेषाभ्याम् (meṣābhyām) मेषेभ्यः (meṣebhyaḥ)
    Ablative मेषात् (meṣāt) मेषाभ्याम् (meṣābhyām) मेषेभ्यः (meṣebhyaḥ)
    Genitive मेषस्य (meṣasya) मेषयोः (meṣayoḥ) मेषाणाम् (meṣāṇām)
    Locative मेषे (meṣe) मेषयोः (meṣayoḥ) मेषेषु (meṣeṣu)



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