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Alternative forms[edit]


From Sanskrit सिंह ‎(siṃhá).


सिंह ‎(sĩṅhm ‎(Urdu spelling سنہ)

  1. lion
  2. (astronomy) The constellation Leo
  3. (astrology) A Leo




From *seh- ~ siṃh- ‘to mount’, akin to Iranian haiz- ~ hiz-.


सिंह ‎(siṃhám

  1. the lion
  2. the zodiacal sign Leo or its lagna
  3. hero, eminent person
  4. a particular form of temple
  5. a particular place prepared for the building of a house
  6. a Moringa with red flowers
  7. (music) a kind of tune
  8. the symbol or emblem of the 24th arhat of the present avasarpini


Masculine a-stem declension of सिंह
Nom. sg. सिंहः ‎(siṃhaḥ)
Gen. sg. सिंहस्य ‎(siṃhasya)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative सिंहः ‎(siṃhaḥ) सिंहौ ‎(siṃhau) सिंहाः ‎(siṃhāḥ)
Vocative सिंह ‎(siṃha) सिंहौ ‎(siṃhau) सिंहाः ‎(siṃhāḥ)
Accusative सिंहम् ‎(siṃham) सिंहौ ‎(siṃhau) सिंहान् ‎(siṃhān)
Instrumental सिंहेन ‎(siṃhena) सिंहाभ्याम् ‎(siṃhābhyām) सिंहैः ‎(siṃhaiḥ)
Dative सिंहाय ‎(siṃhāya) सिंहाभ्याम् ‎(siṃhābhyām) सिंहेभ्यः ‎(siṃhebhyaḥ)
Ablative सिंहात् ‎(siṃhāt) सिंहाभ्याम् ‎(siṃhābhyām) सिंहेभ्यः ‎(siṃhebhyaḥ)
Genitive सिंहस्य ‎(siṃhasya) सिंहयोः ‎(siṃhayoḥ) सिंहानाम् ‎(siṃhānām)
Locative सिंहे ‎(siṃhe) सिंहयोः ‎(siṃhayoḥ) सिंहेषु ‎(siṃheṣu)


Derived terms[edit]

Proper noun[edit]

सिंह ‎(Siṃhám

  1. name of a son of Krishna
  2. name of a king of the Vidyadharas
  3. name of a king (the father of साहिदेव ‎(sāhi-deva))
  4. name of the Venkata mountain
  5. (with आचार्य ‎(ācārya)) name of an astronomer
  6. name of various other persons
  7. a particular mythical bird


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