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  1. The ISO 3166-1 two-letter (alpha-2) code for Gibraltar.


Alternative forms[edit]


GI was originally an initialism for Galvanized Iron; during the 1930s the usage expanded to stand for Government Issue; by World War II it had become a nickname for the military personnel themselves.


GI (not comparable)

  1. (military) Initialism of general issue. Given to a soldier by the army (as an item), rather than brought from home; or used by the army (as a procedure), and different from its civilian counterpart.
    Soldiers counted cadence by chanting: “GI brush / And GI comb / Gee, I wish that I was home!”
  2. (medicine) Initialism of gastrointestinal.
    I was queasy after my upper GI series, but it far outshone the lower one.
  3. (US) Initialism of government issue.
  4. (US, military) Initialism of general infantry.
    GI Joe.

Derived terms[edit]


GI (countable and uncountable, plural GIs)

  1. A member of the U.S. military.
  2. One who is demanding and strict, in the manner of a stereotypical member of the military.
  3. Initialism of galvanized iron.
  4. Initialism of geographical indication.
  5. Initialism of glycemic index.
  6. Misspelling of Gl., the prefix for Gliese catalog of nearby stars


GI (third-person singular simple present GIs, present participle GIing, simple past and past participle GIed)

  1. (military) To clean aggressively.
    Top, get the unit to GI this AO before the old man arrives.

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GI (plural, first-person possessive GIku, second-person possessive GImu, third-person possessive GInya)

  1. Initialism of gardu induk.




  1. (informal) Genuine Intsik; a term used generally or exclusively by naturalized Chinese people in the Philippines to refer to Chinese citizens raised in China.
    Ang lalim ng Chinese (vocabulary) ng GI na nakilala ko at 'di kami nagkaintindihan kahit sabay kaming gumagamit ng Mandarin.
    The Chinese (vocabulary) used by the GI I met was deep and we couldn't understand each other despite both our conversing in Mandarin.

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