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SMP (countable and uncountable, plural SMPs)

  1. (British) Initialism of statutory maternity pay (payments made by an employer to an employee who is absent from work due to their pregnancy).
  2. (computing) Initialism of symmetric multiprocessing.
  3. (cryptography) Initialism of socialist millionaire problem.
  4. Initialism of single member plurality.
  5. (computing) Initialism of support and maintenance package.
  6. Initialism of system marginal price (the marginal electricity price in a power system optimization).
  7. Initialism of scalp micropigmentation.
  8. Initialism of statement of monetary policy.
  9. Initialism of shape-memory polymer.
  10. Initialism of signal message processor.
  11. Initialism of silyl modified polymer.
  12. Initialism of slow-moving proteinase.
  13. Initialism of stable marriage problem or stable matching problem.
  14. Initialism of stable massive particle.
  15. Initialism of surface-mount package.
  16. Initialism of system modification program.
  17. (gaming) Initialism of survival multiplayer.

Further reading[edit]

DWP - Statutory Maternity Pay

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (computing) Initialism of Symbolic Manipulation Program (a computer algebra system and predecessor of Mathematica).
  2. (computing) Initialism of Supplementary Multilingual Plane, one of the sets of character codepoints in Unicode; formally known as Plane 1, and comprising the range of codepoints from U+10000 through U+1FFFF.
  3. Initialism of Scale Model Products.
  4. Initialism of School Mathematics Project.
  5. Initialism of Shanghai Municipal Police.
  6. Initialism of Sipah-e-Muhammad Pakistan.
  7. Initialism of Sisters of Mary of the Presentation.
  8. Initialism of Standard Motor Products.
  9. Initialism of Simulation Model Portability.
  10. Initialism of SOTA Mapping Project.
  11. Initialism of Serial Management Protocol.
  12. Initialism of Saw Mill Parkway.
  13. Initialism of Shannonville Motorsport Park.
  14. Initialism of Super Mario Party.
  15. Initialism of Sounds of Mass Production or Synthesia Murder Program.
  16. Initialism of Send More Paramedics.

Coordinate terms[edit]







SMP (plural SMP-SMP, first-person possessive SMPku, second-person possessive SMPmu, third-person possessive SMPnya)

  1. Initialism of sekolah menengah pertama. (corresponding to junior high school (US) or lower secondary school (UK))