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fr-adj m ‎(feminine singular fr-adje, masculine plural fr-adjs, feminine plural fr-adjes)


This template adds the term to Category:French adjectives, formats the inflection line, and (if the base inflection) links to its other inflections.



compact m ‎(feminine singular compacte, masculine plural compacts, feminine plural compactes)

Use this template on the inflection line of the base (i.e. masculine singular) entry for French adjectives.


parameter usage
{{fr-adj|1=mf}} adjectives that are the same in the masculine and feminine, but have a distinct plural (this is the default for adjectives ending in -e, unless f= or fp= is specified).
{{fr-adj|inv=1}} invariable (no inflections), e.g. sexy.
{{fr-adj|f=}} feminine inflection formed irregularly (see below), e.g. fou, sec, grec.
{{fr-adj|mf}} Should be used for adjectives that have identical masculine singular and feminine singular forms.
{{fr-adj|mp=}} masculine plural inflection formed irregularly (see below), e.g. nu comme un ver or libéral-démocrate.
{{fr-adj|fp=}} feminine plural inflection formed in a way other than adding -s to the feminine inflection, e.g. nu comme un ver.
{{fr-adj|p=}} irregular plural inflection for nouns with 1=mf.
{{fr-adj|m2=}} masculine singular form used only before a vowel, e.g. vieux (vieil). Only applies to a handful of entries.
{{fr-adj|f2=}}, {{fr-adj|f3=}}, ... further acceptable feminine forms, e.g. frais.
{{fr-adj|mp2=}}, {{fr-adj|mp3=}}, ... further acceptable masculine plural forms.
{{fr-adj|fp2=}}, {{fr-adj|fp3=}}, ... further acceptable masculine plural forms.
{{fr-adj|comp=}}, {{fr-adj|comp2=}}, ... irregular comparative(s).
{{fr-adj|sup=}}, {{fr-adj|sup2=}}, ... irregular superlative(s).

Rules for forming the feminine

ending feminine
-e -e
-en -enne
-er -ère
-el -elle
-et -ette
-on -onne
-if -ive
-ieur -ieure
-teur -trice
other -eur -euse
-c -que
other add -e

Rules for forming the masculine plural

ending masc plural
-s -s
-x -x
-al -aux
other add -s


  • If you plan to change the format or usage of the positional or keyword parameters of this template, please leave a message of the talk page of User:SemperBlottoBot so that the bot can be modified to reflect those changes.