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wanted entries[edit]

  • French: affouche, lafouche (used especially on Maurice, Reunion): any of several native figs
  • asa Pare words (see also RFM): ikinda "banana tree", mshambi "tail of a sheep". Iraqw words: lee'i "goat". Zigua: guluka "run (verb)", gamba "talk (verb)", kala "hunt (verb)" (also with prefix, see RFM). Alagwa and Burunge: gimba "talk (verb)". Dahalo: girigiri "fast".
  • Mangel Wurzel; Mangelwurzel is said by Century to exist in English and German, but apparently only exists in English where it is spaced or hyphenated
already has 1-2 citations[edit]
Entries that may become attestable soon:
baillie brushkie (Citations:baillie brushkie)
Warlpirist (Citations:Warlpirist)
-erize (Citations:erize), pump ship (Citations:pump ship)
[1], [2]: the old RFV-failed terms here may be citable now
Germanic lects[edit]
Volga German
R. Mennonite Low German
Sathmar Swabian
Zipser German
From the Special: list[edit]