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Word of the day
for January 17
alight v
  1. (transitive, also figuratively, obsolete) To make less heavy; to lighten; to alleviate, to relieve.
  2. (intransitive)
    1. Often followed by from or off: to get off an animal which one has been riding; to dismount; to descend or exit from a vehicle; hence, to complete one's journey; to stop.
    2. (also figuratively) Often followed by at, on, or upon: of something aloft: to descend and settle; to land, to lodge, to rest.
    3. (archaic)
      1. To come down or go down; to descend.
      2. Often followed by on or upon: of a blow, something thrown, etc.: to land heavily.
    4. (figuratively) Often followed by on or upon: to find by accident; to chance upon, to come upon.
    5. (obsolete) To arrive.

[...] (transitive, also figuratively, archaic)

  1. To cast light on (something); to illuminate, to light up.
  2. To set light to (something); to set (something) on fire; to ignite, to light.

alight adj

  1. Burning, lit, on fire.
  2. Often followed by with: shining with light; luminous, radiant; also, brightly coloured; vivid.
    1. Of an electrical light source: switched on and emitting light.
  3. (figuratively) Aglow with activity or emotion.

alight adv

  1. (also figuratively) Chiefly in set alight: in flames, on fire; aflame.
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