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From Proto-Slavic *baviti (to linger).


  • IPA(key): /ˈba.vʲit͡ɕ/
  • (file)


bawić impf

  1. (transitive) to entertain (guests, people), to take care of, to look after
    Bawił dziecko.He was looking after the child.
  2. (passive) to enjoy, to be amused by
    Bawi go obserwowanie ludzi.He enjoys watching people.
  3. (intransitive) to sojourn
  4. (reflexive) to have fun
    Na przyjęciu bawiłam się doskonale.At the party, I had lots of fun.
  5. (reflexive) to play with something
    W młodości Marek lubił bawić się resorakami.In his youth, Marek liked to play with toy cars.
    Bawisz się moimi uczuciami.You're playing with my feelings.


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Further reading[edit]

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