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bounce +‎ -er



bouncer (plural bouncers)

  1. (informal) A member of security personnel employed by bars, nightclubs, etc to maintain order and deal with patrons who cause trouble.
    Synonyms: doorman, chucker-out
  2. (cricket) A short-pitched ball that bounces up towards, or above the height of the batsman’s head.
    Synonym: bumper
  3. (Internet) An account or server (as with IRC and FTP) that invisibly redirects requests to another, used for anonymity or vanity.
    Synonym: BNC
  4. (dated) One who bounces; a large, heavy person who makes much noise in moving.
  5. (slang, archaic) A boaster; a bully.
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  6. (slang, archaic) A bold lie.
  7. (slang, archaic) A liar.
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  8. Something big; a good stout example of the kind.
    • De Quincey
      The stone must be a bouncer.
  9. A bouncy castle.
  10. A kind of seat mounted in a framework in which a baby can bounce up and down.