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Attested in the 13th-century Cantigas de Santa Maria as bruyar; perhaps from Vulgar Latin *brugāre if cognate to French bruire (to roar).



bruar (first-person singular present brúo, first-person singular preterite bruei, past participle bruado)

  1. to roar, to bellow (to emit a deep and long sound such as the voice of a large animal)
  2. to grunt (also figuratively)
    • 1810, José Fernández y Neira, Proezas de Galicia, page 9:
      ti ves cómo brúa un xabalín cando se ve acosado dos càs? pois así dice que che bruaba, e pateaba ese Sul
      Do you know how a wild boar grunts when hounded by the dogs? so they say that this Sul [a French Napoleonic general] grunted and floundered


Derived terms[edit]


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