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Bultas (1)
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Durvju bulta (4)
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A borrowing from Middle Low German bolte (bolt), or from Middle Dutch bult (bolt) (compare German Bolzen, English bolt), first mentioned in 17th-century dictionaries.[1]



bulta f (4th declension)

  1. arrow (long, thin projectile to be shot with a bow or crossbow)
    bultas uzgalis‎ ― arrowhead
    bultu maks‎ ― quivver (lit. arrow container)
    izšaut bultu‎ ― to shoot an arrow
    bulta‎ ― like an arrow (i.e., very fast)
  2. arrow (symbol used to show a direction)
    bulta norāda uz pagrieziena virzienu‎ ― the arrow indicates the direction of the turn
  3. arrow, hand (pointer in a machine, clock, etc.)
    spidometra bulta‎ ― speedometer arrow
    voltmetra bulta‎ ― voltmeter arrow
  4. bolt (component part of a lock which moves so as to lock or unlock it)
    atraut bultu‎ ― to unlock the bolt
    aizšaut durvīm priekšā bultu‎ ― to shoot the front door bolt
  5. bolt (little metal rod with a head on one end and a threaded surface (like a screw) on the other end, used for fastening metal, wood, etc.)
    ratu bulta‎ ― wheel bolt
    bultas galva‎ ― bolt head
    būvkoku savienošana ar bultām‎ ― fastening construction wood with bolts



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bulta (present bultar, preterite bultade, supine bultat, imperative bulta)

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