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From condīcō (I agree upon, promise; fix), from con- (with) + dīcō (I say, speak). Compare Latin conditiō.



condiciō f (genitive condiciōnis); third declension

  1. An agreement, contract, covenant, stipulation, pact, proposition.
  2. A condition, term, demand.
  3. A marriage, match.
  4. (metonymically) A spouse, bride.
  5. A love affair, amour.
  6. (metonymically) A paramour, lover.
  7. An external position, situation, rank, place, circumstances, condition.
  8. A nature, mode, character, disposition, manner, condition.


Third-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative condiciō condiciōnēs
Genitive condiciōnis condiciōnum
Dative condiciōnī condiciōnibus
Accusative condiciōnem condiciōnēs
Ablative condiciōne condiciōnibus
Vocative condiciō condiciōnēs

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    • that is the way of the world; such is life: haec est rerum humanarum condicio
    • this is our natural tendency, our destiny; nature compels us: ita (ea lege, ea condicione) nati sumus
    • to find one's circumstances altered for the better (the worse): meliore (deteriore) condicione esse, uti
    • the position of the lower classes: condicio ac fortuna hominum infimi generis
    • a match: condicio (uxoria) (Phil. 2. 38. 99)
    • a degraded, servile condition: infima fortuna or condicio servorum
    • on these terms: his condicionibus
    • to propose terms of peace: pacis condiciones ferre (not proponere)
    • to dictate the terms of peace to some one: pacis condiciones dare, dicere alicui (Liv. 29. 12)
    • to accept the terms of the peace: pacis condiciones accipere, subire (opp. repudiare, respuere)
    • peace is concluded on condition that..: pax convenit in eam condicionem, ut...