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From Old French lapidaire, from Latin lapidārius ‎(of stones) (later used as a noun ‘stone-cutter’), from lapis ‎(stone).



lapidary ‎(plural lapidaries)

  1. A person who cuts, polishes, engraves, or deals in gems.
    2005 Peter G. Read, "Gemmology"
    • in the very early days of gemstone fashioning, a polisher or lapidary would cut and polish both diamonds and other gemstones.
  2. An expert in gems or precious stones; a connoisseur of lapidary work.
  3. (archaic) A treatise on precious stones.

Derived terms[edit]


lapidary ‎(comparative more lapidary, superlative most lapidary)

  1. Pertaining to gems and precious stones, or the art of working them.
  2. Suitable for inscriptions; efficient, stately, concise; embodying the refinement and precision characteristic of stone-cutting.
    • 2000: The sole truth was that supplied by mathematics or by such lapidary propositions as “What's done cannot be undone,” which was irrefutably correct. — Karen Armstrong, The Battle for God (Harper 2004, p. 71)