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  1. used for showing that something is not true of two or more people, things, actions, qualities, or ideas (This entry is a translation hub.)
    • 1959, Georgette Heyer, chapter 1, in The Unknown Ajax:
      She was neither learned nor intelligent, but she contrived to dress both herself and her daughter out of a meagre jointure, supplying with her clever fingers what her purse could not buy; [] .
    • (Can we date this quote?), Lu, Hsun, “The Grand Finale”, in Yang Hsien-yi; Gladys Yang, transl., Selected Stories of Lu Hsun: The True Story of Ah Q, and Other Stories[1], published 2014, →ISBN, OCLC 1081303535, page 134:
      Ninety-nine out of a hundred of them could neither read nor write.

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