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From Proto-Vietic *ŋaːj, from Proto-Mon-Khmer *(m)ŋaaj (human being; person); cognate with Muong ngài, Bahnar bơngai (people, human being) and Pacoh ngai (they; them; their; others).



(classifier con) người (, 𠊚, 𠊛)

  1. a human being
  2. human character
    Người gì mà nóng tính thế!
    You're so easily triggered! You know that?
  3. human physical state
    Thấy trong người sao?
    Are you feeling OK inside?
    Sao người nó còm nhom vậy?
    Why is she so bony?

Usage notes[edit]

  • The sense of "body" could also be applied to non-human animals, and usually used with topic-comment structure.

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


người (, 𠊚, 𠊛)

  1. indicates people, except infants
    người đàn ông
    a man
    người đàn bà/phụ nữ
    a woman


người (, 𠊚, 𠊛)

  1. (literary, respectful) you
  2. (literary, respectful) he, him,she, her

Derived terms[edit]