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From Proto-Vietic *ŋaːj, from Proto-Mon-Khmer *(m)ŋaaj (human being; person); cognate with Muong ngài, Bahnar bơngai (people, human being) and Pacoh ngai (they; them; their; others).



(classifier con) người (, 𠊚, 𠊛)

  1. a human; a man
  2. a person; an individual
  3. a people
  4. a type of person
  5. a body
    Thấy trong người sao?
    Is your body OK inside?
    Con mèo này sao người nó còm nhom vậy?
    (As for) this cat, why is it so skinny?

Usage notes[edit]

  • The sense of "body" could also be applied to non-human animals, and usually used with topic-comment structure.

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


người (, 𠊚, 𠊛)

  1. (literary, respectful) you
  2. (literary, respectful) he, him,she, her

Derived terms[edit]