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Etymology 1[edit]


quin ‎(plural quins)

  1. (informal) A quintuplet.
Related terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

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quin ‎(plural quins)

  1. A European scallop, Pecten opercularis, used as food.
    • 1973, N. L. Tranter, Population since the industrial revolution (page 104)
      Similarly the stocks of the free-living scallops and quins, which are caught by trawling, are threatened by over-fishing to supply the market for canned or frozen luxury sea-foods.



From Old Provençal, from Latin quinam.


quin m ‎(feminine quina, masculine plural quins, feminine plural quines)

  1. (interrogative) which, what
  2. what a

Related terms[edit]




  1. (interrogative) whom (plural) (object)

Usage notes[edit]

To ask for a subject, use qui instead.



From instrumental quī + ne.


quīn ‎(not comparable)

  1. (usually with present indicative) How not?, Why not?
    Quin tu taces?
    Why do you not keep quiet?
  2. without
    Numquam egredior quin conspicer.
    I never go out without being seen.
  3. even
    Quin et bellorum omnium eventus ante praesensit.
    And he even predicted beforehand the outcomes of all his wars.


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    • to devote every spare moment to...; to work without intermission at a thing: nullum tempus intermittere, quin (also ab opere, or ad opus)
    • to be hardly able to restrain one's tears: vix mihi tempero quin lacrimem
    • to be hardly able to restrain one's tears: vix me contineo quin lacrimem
    • to make all possible haste to..: nullam moram interponere, quin (Phil. 10. 1. 1)



From Old Provençal, from Latin quinam (who, which). Cognate with Catalan quin and with Franco-Provençal quint from a merging of Latin quinam and quantus.


quin m (feminine singular quina, masculine plural quins, feminine plural quinas)

  1. (interrogative) which
    Quinas veituras son las teunas ?
    Which cars are yours?
  1. (interrogative) what
    Quina ora es ?
    What time is it?
  1. (exclamative) what
    Quina catastròfa !
    What a catastrophe!

Derived terms[edit]


  • qual (for animated objects)
  • que (for inanimated objects)