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roll +‎ over, from the verb phrase.


rollover (plural rollovers)

Wikipedia has an article on:
  1. the act of rolling over
  2. (automotive) a road traffic accident in which a vehicle overturns
  3. (computing) a graphic element that changes its appearance when the cursor moves over it
  4. the process of reinvesting funds in a new issue of the same or similar investment
  5. a fee paid by a borrower in order to defer full repayment of a loan
  6. (Britain) in the National or European lottery, the situation in which a jackpot that has not been won is carried over to the next week
  7. (pinball) A target on the pinball table that is activated when the ball rolls over it.
    • 2010, Bob LeVitus, Incredible iPhone Apps For Dummies (page 78)
      One thing I hate about some pinball games is that they don't let you know your current objective, what happens when you hit specific targets or rollovers, or what targets you should be aiming for right now.