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From French triage, from trier (to sort)



triage (countable and uncountable, plural triages)

  1. Assessment or sorting according to quality.
    • 2004, Paul M. Levitt, Dark Matters: a Novel[1], →ISBN, page 40:
      Let us think of triage, and remember the word's origins. It began with French wool growers in the eighteenth century, but its most illuminating use comes from eighteenth century coffee bean growers, who sorted their beans into best, middling, and broken. The last category came to be known as 'triage coffee.' In war we attend to the most seriously wounded first, which is how most of [us] understand the word today. [] Therefore to protect the best and the middling, we must sell off our 'triage coffee.'
    • 2007, Jeremy Harding, It Migrates to Them, London Review of Books 29:5, p. 26,
      [Mike Davis] notes that the 'late capitalist triage of humanity' has 'already taken place'.
  2. (medicine) The process of sorting patients so as to determine the order in which they will be treated (for example, by assigning precedence according to the urgency of illness or injury).
  3. (computing, by extension) The process of prioritizing bugs to be fixed.
  4. That which is picked out, especially broken coffee beans.



triage (third-person singular simple present triages, present participle triaging, simple past and past participle triaged)

  1. To assess or sort according to quality or some other aspect.
    • 2009 February 1, Linda Diebel, “Existential crises and a rage to save the Liberals”, in Toronto Star[2]:
      Then, over 2001 and '02, he laid off 150 employees at MGI Software, a company he'd first "triaged" as a consultant for NPV Associates with his partner and fellow UCC alumnus Henry Eaton, before stepping in as CEO. Firing 30 per cent of the work force was necessary to save the company, insists NPV principal partner Eaton.





triage m (plural triages)

  1. Misspelling of triaje.