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From Ottoman Turkish طوتمق(tutmak, to hold, keep, catch, take, seize, capture, imprison, preserve, retain, occupy, fill, hire, esteem, account, advice, govern), from Proto-Turkic *tut- (to grasp).[1]

Cognate with Old Turkic 𐱃𐰆𐱃(tut-, to keep, catch, own), Azerbaijani tutmaq (to catch, keep), Bashkir тотоу (totou, to keep, hold), Chuvash тытма (tytma, to keep, hold), Khakas & Shor тударға (tudarğa, to keep, hold, catch, seize, rule, hold back), Kyrgyz тутуу (tutuu, to catch), Turkmen tutmak (to hold, keep, catch, hire, fill), Tuvan тудар (tudar, to hold, catch, grab), Uzbek tutmoq (to take, hold, catch), Yakut тут (tut, to hold, seize, grab, catch).


tutmak (third-person singular simple present tutar)

  1. (transitive) to hold; to take hold of; to grip; to grab
  2. (transitive) to catch, hunt
  3. (transitive) to rent, hire, take on, employ
  4. (transitive) to hold back; to restrain
  5. (transitive) to look after, watch over
  6. (transitive) to take up, cover, envelop, fill
  7. (transitive) to back, support, approve of, like
  8. (transitive) to keep (one's promise, one's word)
  9. (transitive) to accord with, be consistent with, jibe with, agree with
  10. (transitive) to do, make sth. (in a certain way)
  11. (intransitive) (for someone's curse) to be realized, come true, come to pass
  12. (intransitive) (for something) to total, come to a total of, come to, amount to, add up to
  13. (intransitive) (for an amount of time) to pass
  14. (intransitive) to stick, adhere


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