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  1. masculine plural of vidu



  1. plural of vidu




  1. conditional of vidi




  1. conditional of vidar



From Proto-Baltic *widu-, from Proto-Indo-European *widʰu- (forest, wood). The semantic change from “forest” to “region, area (between villages)” and to “middle, between” probably comes from a situation in which the areas between villages are mostly occupied by forest (cf. the opposite change, from “middle” to “forest,” in Latvian mežs; these two words, mežs and vidus apparently swapped their meanings). Cognates include Lithuanian vidùs (interior, middle), Old Prussian widus (boot stitch); in the original sense of “forest,” also Old Irish fid (wood, firewood, forest), Old Norse viðr (forest, bushes; tree, stump, log, mast; (adj.) far, wide, big), Old High German witu, wito (firewood, wood), Old English widu, wudu (forest, bushes, tree), English wood.[1]


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vidus m (3rd declension)

  1. middle, center (place situated at approximately the same distance from the edges, sides, extremities (of something))
    ezera, meža, dārza vidus
    the middle of the lake, forest, garden
    pagalma vidus
    the middle of the backyard
    vidus dialekts
    the middle dialect (on which Standard Latvian is based)
    braukt pa ceļa vidu
    to ride by the middle of the road
    nolikt svečturi galda vidū
    to drop the candlestick in the middle of the table
    sākt šķirstīt žurnālu no vidus
    to start leafing through the magazine from the middle
    jūras vidū mēs šūpojamies, Nāves medībām izbēgušie
    we were rocking in the middle of the sea, having escaped Death's hunt
  2. (of time periods) middle (moment or period separated from the beginning and the end (of some process) by similarly long time intervals)
    nakts vidus
    the middle of the night
    ziemas vidus
    the middle of winter
    spēles, izrādes vidus
    the middle of the game, of the show
    karsto dienas vidu visi zirgi pavadīja krūmos, bet arī te nebija miera no mušām
    all horses spent the middle of a hot day in the bushes, but also (= even) there there was no peace from the flies
    tuvojās oktobra vidus, un bija jāsāk domāt par ziemas mītni
    the middle of october was approaching, and one had to start thinking about winter quarters
  3. middle (the inside, the internal part (of something))
    vecmāmiņa ar īpašu nazīti izgreiza āboliem vidus un piebrēa tos ar cukuru un kanēli
    grandma cut the middles of the apples with a special knife and poured sugar and cinnamon on them
    tur agrāk vējš locīja vecu, līku vītolu ar izpuvušu vidu
    there, before, the wind would bned an old, crooked willow with a rotten middle
  4. (in the locative after a genitive noun, used prepositionally) in the middle of, in the midst of, amid, among
    draugu vidū
    among friends
    kad Zelma bija mūsu vidū,...
    when Zelma was among us, in our midst,...
    strādnieku vidū jau droši vien klīst visnegudrākās baumas
    among workers run probably the most nonsensical rumors
    ieguvām vairāk nekā 5000 senlietu; to vidū ir unikāls zobens
    we obtained more than 5000 artifacts; among them there is a unique sword
  5. (of the body) middle, waist
    Emma klusēdama aplika roku ap Kristīnes vidu
    Emma silently put (her) hand (= arm) around Kristīnes waist
    viņš gāja vēl; zāle sniedzās līdz vidum
    he went further; the grass reached till (his body's) middle, waist
    tik daudz Ēriks nebija radis strādāt, tādēļ reizēm viņam iesāpējās vidus
    Ēriks was not used to working so much, so sometimes his middle, waist would begin to hurt
  6. (dated sense, now usually apvidus) region, area
    aizgāja uz citu vidu dzīvot
    he went to live in another region, area
    Rozenberģis vēl ciemošoties divas nedēļas šai vidū
    Rozenberģis supposedly stayed for two weeks as a visitor in that region



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