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Borrowed from Japanese ワイフ (waifu), in turn derived from English wife, from Middle English wif, wiif, wyf, from Old English wīf (woman, female, lady, wife), from Proto-Germanic *wībą (woman, wife), popularized by 4chan.



waifu (plural waifu or waifus)

  1. (fandom slang, Internet slang) A fictional female character from non-live-action visual media (typically an anime, manga, or video game) to whom one is attracted.
    • 2008 October 30, Galen, “Re: Japanese launch campaign to marry comic book characters”, in rec.arts.manga, Usenet[1]:
      So long as I get to claim my virtual waifu and our 30 virtual children as tax deductions, I don't really care if I can't touch her.
    • 2009 December 31, Dave Watson, “Re: K-ON! 2nd season announced”, in rec.arts.anime.misc, Usenet[2]:
      Seriously, it was fun, but here's hoping that they lay off some of the bits that got old real quick, like Mio getting scared easily. I would not like to have someone that timid as "mai waifu" (as if I'd marry a bloody high school girl anyway). Makes me wonder what that says about the otaku who worship her.
    • 2012, Dani Cavallaro, Kyoto Animation: A Critical Study and Filmography, McFarland & Company (2012), →ISBN, page 126:
      Bradley Meek's portrayal of Lucky☆Star's protagonist is particularly worthy of notice in assessing the anime's take on the art-play dyad: “Konata Izumi is a high school otaku hardcore enough to know trivia about seventies giant robot and tokusatsu shows,” the critic proposes, “but not hardcore enough to own a bodypillow of her waifu [a 2D significant other]. []
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:waifu.



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  1. Rōmaji transcription of ワイフ