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From Middle High German zuoziehen, from Old High German zuoziohan. Analysable as zu (to; shut) +‎ ziehen (pull, move).


zuziehen (strong, third-person singular simple present zieht zu, past tense zog zu, past participle zugezogen, auxiliary haben)

  1. (intransitive) to move here; to come to a place (from the perspective of those already living there)
    die zuziehenden Ausländerthe foreigners who are coming here
  2. (transitive) to draw (together); to shut by pulling
    die Vorhänge zuziehento draw the curtains
  3. (transitive, with reflexive dative) to sustain, contract, incur, pick up
    sich eine Verletzung zuziehento sustain an injury
  4. (reflexive, often impersonal) to become cloudy; to cloud over
    Es zieht sich zu.It’s clouding over.