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Crescent symbol (fixed width).svg
U+263D, ☽

Miscellaneous Symbols
An 18th-century astronomical pillar in Scotland. The moons of Jupiter and Saturn are designated 1☽, 2☽, 3☽ &c. (leftmost column).
The 1833 US Nautical Almanac uses this symbol for both the first quarter moon phase (left) and as a generic symbol for the moon of any phase (right). Elsewhere in the almanac, ☾ is used as the generic symbol for the moon.



The lunar crescent is an ancient symbol for the moon.[1]

Alternative forms[edit]


  1. nighttime
  2. (astronomy, astrology) the Moon
    a subscript to variables in mathematical equations, such as π (lunar parallax)
    • 1803, Robert Patterson, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, volume 40, Princeton University Press, published 2013, pages 71:
      Suppose the apparent angular distance of the sun & moon's nearest limbs [...] to be 110°.2′.30″ the app. alt of ☉'s lower limb measuring 20°.40′ and that of 's lower limb 35°.24′
  3. (astronomy) a moon (rare – see image at right)
  4. (astronomy, astrology) the first quarter of the Moon (rare)
  5. (alchemy) silver (archaic)
  6. (rare) Monday (refers to the Latin phrase dies Lunae, which literally means "Moon's day")


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