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Globus cruciger (fixed width).svg
U+2641, ♁

Miscellaneous Symbols


Alternative forms[edit]


(1, 2): A globus cruciger (the globe surmounted by a Christian cross), representing God's or the Church's rule over the world. Alchemical extension to newly discovered antimony motivated by an attempt to retain an association between the basic metals and the known planets. Astronomical use is reinforced by the graphic similarity to the symbol for Venus, the planet most similar to Earth.


  1. (astronomy) the Earth
  2. (Christianity) the redeemed world (symbol carried by depictions of Christ and medieval Christian kings)
  3. (alchemy) stibnite, antimony ore (Sb2S3; archaic)
  4. (astrology) the hypothetical planet Proserpina, which one Polish school of astrology identifies as the dwarf planet Eris

Usage notes[edit]

In contemporary astronomy, ♁ is particularly common in German-language sources. 🜨 is the usual symbol in English-language sources, but ♁ also occurs.[1]


  • (astronomy, Christianity): 🜨
  • (astrology): ,
  • (alchemy): 🜰 (regulus of antimony / antimony metal)

Derived terms[edit]

  1. M Earth mass (as a unit of measurement)[2]
  2. R Earth radius (as a unit of measurement)
  3. 🜬 sublimate of antimony
  4. 🜫 antimony ore
  5. 🜭 antimony salt
  6. 🜥 copper antimoniate

Related terms[edit]

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