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  1. серафими многоочитии
  2. серафими многоꙮчитіи
  3. сѫдии
  4. Алеѯандръ
  5. кринъ
  6. Єгѷптъ
  7. Римъ
  8. иаоиль
  9. ⱄⱏⰿⱏⰹⱄⰾⱏ
  10. съмꙑслъ
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  1. ⱂⱃⱁⰳⰾⰰⱄⱏ
  2. прогласъ
  3. слоухъ
  4. ⱌⱑⱄⰰⱃⱐ
  5. ⱂⱐⱄⱏ
  6. ⰳⱁⱄⱅⱐ
  7. ⰾⰹⱄⱅⱏ
  8. ⰳⱁⱄⱂⱁⰴⱐ
  9. ⰴⰰⱃⱏ
  10. ⰲⰾⰰⱄⱏ

Old Church Slavonic nouns of masculine gender, i.e. belonging to a gender category that contains (among other things) male beings.

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