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verschiedene Formen des Lebens — different forms of life (2)


From Middle High German leben, from Old High German lebēn. Related to the verb leben.


  • IPA(key): /ˈleːbən/, [ˈleːm̩], [ˈleːb(ə)n]
  • (file)
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: Le‧ben


Leben n (genitive Lebens, plural Leben)

  1. life (state between birth and death).
    Das Leben beginnt mit der Geburt und endet mit dem Tod.Life begins with birth and ends with death.
  2. (biology) life (status possessed by organic entities such as animals, plants and bacteria, having properties as metabolism, adaption and replication).
    Die Erde quillt vor Leben über.Earth is full of life.
  3. biography, chain of events that determine or have determined one's life
    Das Leben der Edelgard.The life (=biography) of Edelgard.
    Sein Leben weist viele Höhen und Tiefen auf.There are many ups and downs in his life (=biography).
  4. existence or life one has built, often manifested in wealth and prosperity
    Frau Schmidt hat sich ein beispielhaftes Leben in all diesen Jahren aufgebaut.Mrs Schmidt has built up an exemplary life (=existence) in all these years.
    ein angenehmes Lebena comfortable life (=existence)
    Lebensstandardquality of life
  5. life, precious or beloved thing that is part of someone's existence
    Sie ist mein Ein und Alles, mein Leben!She is my one and only, my life!
  6. (video games) life, numbers of times a game can be played
    Du hast nur noch drei Leben übrig.You only have three lives left.
  7. (video games) health, hit points
  8. gerund of leben: "living" (no plural)
    Die Kunst des LebensThe art of living.

Usage notes[edit]

When referring to life in its biological sense, the plural of Leben is not used. Lebensform or Lebewesen can be used to refer to a living being.




  • (life, the state between birth and death): Tod m

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