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fr-noun ? ‎(plural fr-nouns)

This template is used for the headword line of French nouns. It uses Module:fr-headword as a back-end.

It should be used just under the 'Noun' header for French words. For example, on chien:


This template contains the necessary meta-data to allow users who are using accelerated editing to create any grammatical forms semi-automatically.


The head word, if different from the page name, or to link to individual words.
The gender, which should be one of m, f, m-p or f-p. It also accepts mf as a shortcut for m|g2=f.
The second gender, if any.
2=, 3=, 4= etc.
The plural forms, if the noun is not already plural (as indicated in the gender). The shortcuts s or x can be used if the plural is formed by adding s or x. If no plural forms are given, the first plural defaults to s. The first plural can also have some special values:
  • -: if the noun is uncountable. The second and higher plural parameters can still be given, and indicate that the noun has a plural that is sometimes used (or only in some meanings).
  • !: if the plural is not attested.
  • ?: if you don't know the plural or are not sure if it even has a plural.
f=, f2= etc.
Feminine equivalent noun(s), if any.
m=, m2= etc.
Masculine equivalent noun(s), if any.


  • If you plan to change the format or usage of the positional or keyword parameters of this template, please leave a message of the talk page of User:SemperBlottoBot so that the bot can be modified to reflect those changes.