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Old WS shortcuts[edit]

Old shortcut Redirects to Canonical shortcut
[[WS:]] Wiktionary:Shortcut WT:WS
WS:A Wiktionary:Administrators WT:A
WS:AAI Category:Abbreviations, Acronyms and Initialisms WT:AAI
WS:AN Wiktionary:Announcements WT:AN
WS:APR Wiktionary:Pronunciation file requests WT:APR
WS:BB Wiktionary:Be bold in updating pages (RFD) WT:BB
WS:BJAODN Wiktionary:Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense WT:BJAODN, WT:-)
WS:BP Wiktionary:Beer parlour WT:BP
WS:CAT Special:Categories (not automatic) WT:CAT
WS:CFI Wiktionary:Criteria for inclusion WT:CFI
WS:CG Wiktionary:Categorization WT:CG
WS:CP Wiktionary:Community Portal WT:CP
WS:CR Category:Requests WT:RQ
WS:DW Wiktionary:Administrators/Dishwashing WT:DW
WS:EDH User:Brian0918/Hotlist WT:EDH
WS:ELE Wiktionary:Entry layout explained WT:ELE
WS:FAQ Wiktionary:FAQ WT:FAQ
WS:GL Wiktionary:Glossary WT:GL
WS:H Help:Contents WT:H
WS:I2T Wiktionary:Index to templates WT:I2T
WS:INE Wiktionary:Interesting new entries WT:INE
WS:INW Wiktionary:Interesting new entries WT:INE
WS:IRC Wiktionary:IRC channel WT:IRC
WS:LOP Appendix:List of protologisms WT:LOP
WS:NEWS Wiktionary:Words in the News WT:WITN
WS:PCBEW Wiktionary:Project - Cleanup of Basic English Words WT:PCBEW
WS:POL Category:Policies - Wiktionary Top Level WT:POL
WS:RFA Wiktionary:Administrators WT:A
WS:RFC Wiktionary:Requests for cleanup WT:RFC
WS:RFD Wiktionary:Requests for deletion WT:RFD
WS:RFV Wiktionary:Requests for verification WT:RFV
WS:RFVA Wiktionary:Requests for verification/archive WT:RFVA
WS:RQ Category:Requests WT:RQ
WS:RfD Wiktionary:Requests for deletion WT:RFD
WS:SB Wiktionary:Sandbox WT:SB
WS:TOW Wiktionary:Translations of the Week WT:TOW
WS:TR Wiktionary:Tea room WT:TR
WS:TTD Wiktionary:Things to do WT:TTD
WS:TW Wiktionary:Transwiki log WT:TW
WS:VIP Wiktionary:Vandalism in progress WT:VIP
WS:VIP/archive no redirect (RFD) none
WS:WIN Wiktionary:What Wiktionary is not WT:WIN
WS:WITN Wiktionary:Words in the News WT:WITN
WS:WOTD Wiktionary:Word of the day WT:WOTD
WS:WS Wiktionary:Shortcut WT:WS
WS:WSI Category:WikiSaurus WT:WSI
WS:cuts Wiktionary:Shortcut WT:WS

Non-canonical WT shortcuts[edit]

Non-canonical shortcut Redirects to Canonical shortcut
WT:AFD Wiktionary:Requests for deletion WT:RFD
WT:CR Category:Requests WT:RQ
WT:EC User talk:Eclecticology (RFD) none
WT:INW Wiktionary:Interesting new entries WT:INE
WT:NEWS Wiktionary:Words in the News WT:WITN
WT:PUMP Wiktionary:Beer parlour WT:BP
WT:RFA Wiktionary:Administrators WT:A
WT:VP Wiktionary:Beer parlour WT:BP
WT:WT Wiktionary:Shortcut WT:WS
WT:cuts Wiktionary:Shortcut WT:WS

Other canonical WT shortcuts[edit]

Shortcut Redirects to
WT:DR Wiktionary:Dispute resolution (RFD)
WT:I2P Wiktionary:Index to Policies
WT:OP Wiktionary:WikiProject on open proxies
WT:TTBC Wiktionary:Translations to be checked

Some redlinks to go through[edit]

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