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j {n} :: See under J
J {letter} :: The tenth letter of the Latin alphabet, called i lunga in Italian
jab {m} :: jab (boxing punch)
jacana {f} :: jacana
jacobiano {m} [mathematics] :: Jacobian (all senses)
jacobsite {f} [mineralogy] :: jacobsite
Jacopo {prop} :: given name, cognate to James and Jacob
Jacopone {prop} :: given name, a variant of Jacopo
jacquard {m} :: Jacquard
Jacuzzi {prop} :: surname
Jafet {prop} [Biblical character] :: Japheth
jainismo {m} :: Jainism
jarovizzazione {f} :: vernalization
jasmonico {adj} :: jasmonic
jato {m} :: obsolete spelling of iato
jazz {m} [music] :: jazz
jazzista {mf} :: jazz musician
jazzistico {adj} :: jazz (used attributively)
jazzofilo {m} :: jazzophile
jeanseria {f} :: A shop selling jeans and other denim clothing etc
jeep {f} :: jeep
jeffersonismo {m} :: Jeffersonianism
Jehova {prop} :: Jehovah
jena {f} :: obsolete spelling of iena
jenneriano {adj} :: Relating to Edward Jenner
jequiritina {f} :: abrin
jeri {adv} :: obsolete spelling of ieri
jeri {m} :: obsolete spelling of ieri
Jersey {prop} :: Jersey (island)
Jersey {prop} :: The letter J in the Italian phonetic alphabet
Jesi {prop} :: a town in the province of Ancona in Marche in Italy
jesolano {adj} :: Of or from Jesolo
Jesolo {prop} :: Jesolo
Jesolo {prop} :: The letter J in the Italian phonetic alphabet
jet lag {m} :: jet lag
jet-lag {m} :: alternative form of jet lag
jettatura {f} :: evil eye
jettatura {f} :: bad luck
jettatura {f} :: curse
jihad {mf} :: jihad
jihadismo {m} :: jihadism
jihadista {adj} :: jihadist
jihadista {mf} :: jihadist
Jilani {prop} :: surname
jo {pron} :: obsolete form of io
job {m} :: job (employment role, computing task)
jockey {m} :: jack, knave (playing card)
jockey {m} :: jockey
jod {m} :: alternative spelling of iod
jod {m} [linguistics] :: The name of the Greek-script letter Ϳ/ϳ; yot
jodel {m} :: yodel
jodio {m} :: alternative form of iodio
jogging {m} :: jogging (exercise)
Jolanda {prop} :: alternative spelling of Iolanda
jolly {m} [cards] :: joker
jolly {m} :: wild card
jonico {adj} :: Variant of ionico
jota {mf} :: obsolete spelling of iota
joule {m} :: joule
joulometro {m} :: joulemeter
Jovinelli {prop} [rare] :: surname
joyciano {adj} :: Joycean
joystick {m} :: joystick (device)
jubé {m} :: rood screen, jube
judo {m} :: judo
judoista {m} :: judoist, judoka (male)
judoista {f} :: judoist, judoka (female)
judoistico {adj} :: judo (attributive)
jugero {m} :: obsolete spelling of iugero
jugoslava {f} :: feminine noun of jugoslavo
Jugoslavia {prop} :: Yugoslavia
jugoslavo {adj} :: Yugoslavian
jugoslavo {m} :: Yugoslavian
jujutsu {m} :: jujitsu
juke-box {m} :: jukebox
junghiano {adj} :: Jungian
junghiano {m} :: Jungian
juniores {adj} [sports] :: under-20 (of an athlete)
juniores {mf} [sports] :: under-20 athlete
jussivo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of iussivo
juta {f} :: jute
Jutland {prop} :: Jutland
Juvara {prop} [rare] :: surname
juventino {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Juventus football club or its players
juventino {m} :: A football player in that team
Juventus {prop} :: A football club from Torino