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an- +‎ machen


  • IPA(key): /ˈanˌmaχən/, /ˈanˌmaχn/
  • (file)


anmachen (weak, third-person singular present macht an, past tense machte an, past participle angemacht, auxiliary haben)

  1. to switch on, to turn on (a lamp, a stove, an electronic device, etc.)
    Synonyms: anstellen, anschalten, einschalten, anschmeißen
    Antonyms: ausmachen, ausstellen, abstellen, abschalten, ausschalten
  2. to light, to start (a fire, a candle, gas etc.);
    Synonyms: anbrennen, entzünden, anzünden, befeuern
    Antonyms: ausmachen, erlöschen, auslöschen, löschen
  3. to turn on (a person, sexually), to hit on (a person)
  4. (colloquial) to start something with (someone), to provoke (someone), to accost, (internet) to flame (approach aggressively)
  5. to dress (a salad)


Derived terms[edit]

Further reading[edit]

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