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  • IPA(key): (careful speech) /ˈkʌp əv ˈtiː/, (fast speech) /ˌkʌp ə ˈtiː/
  • (file)


cup of tea (plural cups of tea)

  1. Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see cup,‎ tea. A cup with tea in it.
    Synonym: cuppa (colloquial)
    Would you be a dear and get me a cup of tea, please?
    • 2020 April 8, Howard Johnston, “East-ended? When the ECML was a risk”, in Rail, pages 65-66:
      In the heady days of 1970, the national average wage was about £6,200 in today's money, but a cup of BR tea was within everyone's reach at 9d (2020 value: 55p) until it suddenly went up to 11p (2020: 70p). (The 2020 price would relate to 11d, not 11p; decimalisation took place in 1971.)
  2. (idiomatic, singular only) Whatever suits or interests one.
    Synonyms: bag, cup of coffee, cup of joe; see also Thesaurus:predilection
    Daytime television is not my cup of tea.

Usage notes[edit]

  • (whatever suits or interests one): Used in phrases such as "not his cup of tea", "just my cup of tea", etc.


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