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From Pinot Grigio, Italian form of French Pinot gris "gray Pinot."


grigio (plural grigios)

  1. (informal) A Pinot Grigio wine.
    • 1998, "Mike Hoye", Racquet advice for newbie (on Internet newsgroup
      Like good wine, if you'll let me get a wee bit elitist on you. You probably won't know the difference between a chardonnay and a grigio on first tasting, even if you know they aren't quite the same.
    • 2006, Laurie R King, The art of detection
      "Latte and a grigio," the waiter agreed.




From Old French or Old Occitan, both from Frankish *gris, from Proto-Germanic *grēwaz (grey), from Proto-Indo-European *gʰregʰwos (grey), from Proto-Indo-European *gʰer- (to glow, shine). Akin to Old High German grīs "grey" (German greis), Old English grīs "grey", Old High German grāo "grey", Old English grǣġ "grey", Old Norse grār "grey". More at grizzle, grey.


  • IPA(key): /ˈɡri.d͡ʒo/, [ˈɡr̺iːd͡ʒo]
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: grì‧gio


grigio (feminine singular grigia, masculine plural grigi, feminine plural grige) (Alternative feminine plural, grigie)

  1. grey
  2. dismal, murky, sombre
  3. drab


grigio m (plural grigi)

  1. grey

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