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Various shades of grey.

Alternative forms[edit]

  • gray (often used in the US)

Etymology 1[edit]

From Old English grǣġ, from Proto-Germanic *grēwaz (compare Dutch grauw, German grau, Old Norse grár), from Pre-Germanic *ǵrēwo, from Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰer (to shine, to glow) (compare Latin rāvus (grey), Old Church Slavonic зьрѭ (zĭrjǫ, to see, to glance), Russian зреть (zretʹ, to watch, to look at) (archaic), Lithuanian žeriù (to shine)).



grey (comparative greyer, superlative greyest) (often spelled "gray" in the US)

  1. Having a color somewhere between white and black, as the ash of an ember.
    • Isaac Newton
      These grey and dun colors may be also produced by mixing whites and blacks.
  2. Dreary, gloomy.
  3. Having an indistinct, disputed or uncertain quality.
  4. Relating to older people.
    the grey dollar, i.e. the purchasing power of the elderly
    • Ames
      grey experience
Usage notes[edit]

A mnemonic for remembering which spelling is used where: grey is the English spelling, while gray is the American spelling. However, grey is also found in American English.

Derived terms[edit]


grey (third-person singular simple present greys, present participle greying, simple past and past participle greyed) (often spelled "gray" in the US)

  1. To become grey.
    My hair is beginning to grey.
  2. To cause to become grey.
    • 1941, Emily Carr, Klee Wyck, Chapter 18, [1]
      Now only a few hand-hewn cedar planks and roof beams remained, moss-grown and sagging—a few totem poles, greyed and split.
  3. (demography, slang) To turn progressively older, in the context of the population of a geographic region.
    the greying of Europe


grey (plural greys) (often spelled "gray" in the US)

  1. An achromatic colour intermediate between black and white.
    grey colour:    
  2. (ufology) an extraterrestrial humanoid with greyish skin, bulbous black eyes, and an enlarged head.
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From Old Norse grey, from Proto-Germanic *grawją.



grey n (genitive singular greys, nominative plural grey)

  1. (archaic) bitch (female dog)
  2. wretch, pitiful person
    Greyið mitt!
    You poor little thing!
    Greyið Jón
    Poor John
  3. indefinite accusative singular of grey
  4. indefinite nominative plural of grey
  5. indefinite accusative plural of grey




grey m (plural greys)

  1. Alternative form of gray (race of extraterrestrials)


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From Latin grege, singular ablative of grex.


grey f (plural greyes)

  1. (obsolete, poetic) flock, herd
  2. (religion) flock (people served by a pastor, priest, etc., also all believers in a church or religion)


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