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From Middle French livide, from Latin līvidus (blueish, livid; envious), from līveō (be of a bluish color or livid; envy), from Old Latin *slivere, from Proto-Indo-European *sliwo-, suffixed form of *(s)leie- (bluish). Also see Old English sla (sloe), Welsh lliw (splendor, color), Old Irish li, Lithuanian slyvas (plum), Russian and Old Church Slavonic сливовый (slivovyj, plum).


livid (comparative more livid, superlative most livid)

  1. (informal) Furiously angry.
  2. Having a dark, bluish appearance.
    • 1929, M. Barnard Eldershaw, A House Is Built, Chapter VII, Section vi
      The house seemed unfamiliar in the dark stormy light; the red and purple glass of the front door made livid bruises on the linoleum; the green chenille curtain was like a veil of seaweed.
  3. Pallid.