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From Middle English, from Middle French claret,[1] from Medieval Latin claratum vinum, from Latin clarus.

Compare tent (Spanish red wine), also from color



claret (countable and uncountable, plural clarets)

  1. (chiefly Britain) A dry red wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France, or a similar wine made elsewhere.
    • 1909, Eva Greene Fuller, The Up-To-Date Sandwich Book: 400 Ways to Make a Sandwich, page 155:
      CLARET JELLY SANDWICH: Soak one box of gelatine in one cup of cold water, then dissolve in one cup of boiling water, add one cup of sugar and strain. When cold, add the juice of half a lemon, and one cup of claret and set in a cool place. When ready for use, cover thin slices of lightly buttered white bread with the jelly, cover with another slice of buttered bread and cut in strips.
  2. A deep purplish-red colour, like that of the wine.
    claret colour:  
  3. (colloquial, sports) Blood.
    The player spilt some claret.



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claret (comparative more claret, superlative most claret)

  1. Of a deep purplish-red colour, like that of claret.
    • 2004, David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas
      Dhondt drives a claret 1927 Bugatti Royale Type 41, a real spanker, Sixsmith.

Derived terms[edit]


claret (third-person singular simple present clarets, present participle clareting, simple past and past participle clareted)

  1. (intransitive, archaic) To drink claret.
    • 1814, George Gordon Byron Baron Byron
      We clareted and champagned till two—then supped, and finished with a kind of regency punch composed of madeira, brandy, and green tea, no real water being admitted therein. There was a night for you!
    • 1869, Andrew Wynter, Subtle Brains and Lissom Fingers
      By night, again, we miss the bright cafe, the brilliantly illuminated offices, and the fringe of guests smoking and clareting []

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  1. third-person singular present active subjunctive of clārō